Classic Portraits
Enjoy my versio  of classic historical portraits. This shoot's production was a solo one. I did all of the wardrobe, makeup, hair, photogrpahy and post-ptoduction of the images.
  1. "The Girl With The Pearl Earring"
    "The Girl With The Pearl Earring"
  2. "Beethoven"
  3. "Mona Lisa"
    "Mona Lisa"
  4. "Vincent van Gogh" - Self Portrait
    "Vincent van Gogh" - Self Portrait
  5. "Frida"
  6. The Mad Artist
    The Mad Artist

Heading 2

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Enjoy the process of each person transforming into their craracter though time lapse videos of makeup and images/videos from each shoot to produce the final product. It took 6 shoots and makeup sittings on 6 different days.